Due to the current situation (Swiss-Ski only allows FIS races) several events have been cancelled so far. Here is a short overview:

  • Season Opening from 05.12
  • Italo-Suisse from 14.01 (postponed)
  • Bebbi Cup (BS) from 29.01 (replacement program)
  • Anglo-Swiss from 01.02
  • Jaun Cup (GE/FR) from 06.02
  • Züri Cup (ZH) from 20.02

The organizers of the Bäre Cup (06.03), SWUG (05.03), Pentathlon (12.03) as well as of the Closing (17.03) have not announced any cancellation as of today and keep our hope alive. They will keep you up to date. For all cancelled events: The more we are looking forward to the season 21/22!
Miro Vuille (SAS FR), ComCom

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