Once again, the SAS managed to strike a big blow, despite the complicated sanitary conditions. The Lausanne, Fribourg and Geneva sections met in Lausanne on Saturday 5 September for the marathon of the candidates (respecting the sanitary measures in force). Twelve candidates were present, divided into 4 teams of 3, with each section being represented in the groups in a dignified manner in order to have fair compositions. 

Concerning the day's proceedings, the young candidates arrived with a tense smile on their faces, not knowing with which sauce they were going to be eaten. Here is an overview of the menu of the festivities:

Burger quiz drizzled with Frisbee and its Nerf
You aim badly, cheers to you!

General knowledge quiz on the SAS sprinkled with its blind agility course.
You don't answer, cheers to you! 

Petanque & pastis
You have fun and enjoy!

Main course:
A bit of poetry, agility and badminton, all accompanied by vertigo.
Don’t forget to stay hydrated!

Cheese platter:
Gather the young lost foals and join the presidents
Water is cheating!

Golf, sand castle with swimming in the lake
Well, that's it, time to digest!

The organisers have lived up to their reputation, mixing agility, general culture, creativity, fun and laughter on the menu. As for the candidates, they were docile, involved, good players, thirsty and funny. Throughout the day, social distances and hand disinfection were vigorous. Because yes, the SAS likes to have fun, but it also knows how to set a good example and respect the framework that was given to it. In addition, the beautiful city of Lausanne was highlighted with the discovery of the Vidy area. The day ended with a pretty sunset on the lake, accompanied by pizzas, joy and good humour. 
Once again, thanks to the SAS for offering us experiences like only the SAS can. 

Margaux Givel
SAS Lausanne


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