To our great regret we had to cancel the SAS Cup Ge/Fr, which was to take place in Jaun this year. Due to the lack of snow, the four races on the Schattenhalb slope, which had already put to test by the European Cup races the week before, could not be held. Despite the cancellation, around fifty SASlers from the Lausanne, Fribourg and Geneva sections met in Charmey. On the program were: Free skiing, SAS Demo Team Contest, Charmey baths, Jass competition, hiking and ice hockey. As they could not apply the "Let's race together", the participants resorted to the "Let's party together". But this is also the spirit of the SAS, meeting with friends and partying into the night. Long live the SAS and until next year, with hopefully more snow! 

The organizing committee of the SAS Cup Ge/FR


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